How to clean up your Facebook Feed

If you’re like me a few months ago, then your Facebook feed is probably filled with ads, memes and posts of people you no longer socialise with much. But at the same time, you think about what people are doing who you are interested in, but you haven’t seen their posts or you see their … Read more

Organizing computer files

I have used computers for probably about 20 years now and up until a few months ago, I have finally learned to keep files organized. I think the change happened when I got my first MacBook Air M1. In the mac, the window and file managing are to me as life long Windows user very … Read more


You cannot help people who are not open enough for a change – that I have learned from experience in the past few years. I encountered a few of them when I went through university. And now some occurrences have happened lately in everyday life also. I have offered my help but they refuse with … Read more

Beginning of the End

This is it, 3 years passed like a blink of an eye, the path of being a student in a university is about to conclude. All subjects passed with mostly very good grades and the thesis posted for evaluation. There’s nothing more to do than take a bit of rest I guess.  I must admit, … Read more

Take charge of your life HERE and NOW!

Following blog post is meant for all people who might want to improve their life qualities.Feeling like life is boring and moving towards goalless void? Kind of like stuck in limbo? A few years ago I had that same feeling. Do you wish to change that? If yes then please continue reading. The Change The … Read more