How to clean up your Facebook Feed

If you’re like me a few months ago, then your Facebook feed is probably filled with ads, memes and posts of people you no longer socialise with much. But at the same time, you think about what people are doing who you are interested in, but you haven’t seen their posts or you see their posts many days later. Chances are Facebook is not showing you their posts because there is so much other stuff which is more popular like memes and irrelevant ads than your friends.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

The problem started to piss me off some time ago. I cleaned my Facebook up for the first time about a year ago. After a few months it somehow got littered again so I cleaned it up again and then it flashed me. Some time ago one of my good friends told me how their girlfriend is constantly scrolling and not even paying attention to the feed. So it’s like totally wasted time. Which lead me to the thought that why most of us end up on Facebook in the first place back in 2009ish. The main goal for most of us was to know what other people around us were doing from whom we were interested. But if we scroll just mindlessly ads and memes then we miss out on the most important thing which is our friends!

So why not clean up our Facebook feeds and see the people we are interested in today?! The initial biggest clean-up takes mostly about an hour and a half. Depending on your pile of followings. Then in the following few days, you see some ads then just hide them and click “do not show ads from that company again” or something like that.

The same thing applies to “Suggested for you” posts which you do not care about at all or people you have might met once or a very long time ago and do not care about yet but do not want to unfriend for various reasons. Hide them also if you see fit. The fastest way for me was to hide as many as I saw while scrolling a bit. But when scrolling took a long time then I refreshed the page to get new yet unhidden ads to hide them as well.

When the end of ads and other random posts is coming to an end right before everything has cleaned up, Facebook will show you some very random ads.

There is also an Ad preferences page which might help you out quite a bit.

The result is nice and tidy, Facebook even shows you that you are all caught up if you scroll downwards enough. Which is a very good thing, that will signal you that that’s all and there is nothing more to see and cancel that mindless scrolling.

NB! Sometimes some page refuses to be hidden. You press the button and hide but then reappear when the page is refreshed or they come up after a few days. In those cases, the only solution I saw was to report the post and then after that block the poster.

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