How to start programming

As a developer who has now years of experience with different kinds of programming and markup languages. I’ve had many friends who’ve asked me how or where to start with programming. Just even recently one friend asked me, which is where I got the idea to write about it here. I’m writing this from my … Read more

Egypt’s bartering, traffic, education, food, waste management, hotel incidents, suggestions and some more

It’s a bit longer post, so I’m going to divide it to 7 chapters. Chapter 1: Bartering Which for me, a European citizen who comes from a little country called Estonia the most gear-grinding was that those “salesmen” are annoying and insist themselves on you with their merchandise like belts, bags, sunglasses, wrist-watches, bags and … Read more

I’m still alive & kicking

So the first 2 days passed and I’m writing this while in my hotel room. The first day’s night was the hardest so far as I think. Mostly because I drank too much alcohol with some local friends here. Still kind of recovering from last night. But also seeing and being part of the insane … Read more

Egypt here I come

Yeah, I know… me and traveling, doesn’t sound like me at all right but here we are. First time so far from home and never flew before either. I’ve heard many things about flying, about the ears and fear flight itself. But I’vent got the fear of flying at least currently not at home writing … Read more