Why I moved from capital to the countryside

I have been busy the last couple of months and pretty quiet on the blog. Mostly because I finally moved out from my parent’s place and into my own house with my wife. While I worked my fingers to the bone for the last year, I almost thought the time would never come. But now it’s been 5 months in this house and we’ve done so much with my wife. Feels like we have lived in this house for years. 

Picture from the third day, we did not have much in the house. Mostly cleaned up some urgent stuff and digitally signed contracts with electric, ISPs and with other companies. Grabbed a pizza for lunch from a local store.

As you might know, I was born in the capital of Estonia and lived most of my life there. Nevertheless, I moved to the countryside about 120km away from my parent’s place, which is pretty much another side of Estonia. 

Raised a flag due the Midsummer day

My parents and many of my friends who all lived in Tallinn were in shock hearing my idea of moving to the countryside. But when I told them my reasons, then many of them suddenly realized that my points were pretty valid. Some even surprised themselves that why haven’t thought about that way before. 

Windows XP view from living room’s window

So I thought, why not write my reasons down here also? That way, I can remember all of those things forever, even after years when I’ve forgotten why I got here in the first place. 

I try to keep as short as possible so here it goes:

  1. We had the entire country’s real estate open for us to be our home. Because I and my wife can work remotely.
  2. Real estate out of the capital means more affordable prices.
  3. There are no frustrating traffic jams outside of the capital. So you are not wasting your time and money idling with the car on some street.
  4. Time flows a whole lot calmer. For example, in April when we moved here, we had about 200 lambs near us. The view of the lambs was very calming, especially while eating breakfast. It like sets the mood for the entire day. Unfortunately, the lambs were taken away a month ago, but now we have horses across the road instead.  
  5. Some friends and parents were worried like “but what about your friends, you can’t see them being that far away.” I’ve also thought about it. Like most of the time, people work, from Monday to Friday. Most people don’t have enough time and/or energy to go out on workdays. So most of the chilling with friends is happening at weekends and driving 1 and a half hours to the city or my place is not a long time. Like I have been in traffic jams and driven an entire hour from work to home when I lived in my parents’ house and the total distance was like 10km.
  6. One of the things that were pointed out was that “but the stores are so far away”. Well yes, but actually no. When I lived in the capital, I drove about 10-15 minutes (depending on the traffic) to the store. There were also 2 stores around 7 minutes of driving time, but I rarely visited them. Because the choices were limited and you never got everything from there. Here I always reach the store in 10 minutes.
  7. In more populated areas in the city, the parking lots were always taxed or free for a limited time. But here every parking lot in nearby cities is free for use as long as you want. You do not need to adapt to a bunch of different parking-paying solutions and clutter your mind with this kind of nonsense. 
  8. Because real estate is more affordable leads to more suitable, prettier, feature-rich and decent homes that are available to be taken into consideration to be bought.
  9. In Estonia, the internet in the countryside is very often a lot faster than in big cities. For example, in the Nõmme district of Tallinn, my network speed through cable was mostly about 10Mbps, but here in the countryside it’s most of the time over 120Mbps and it’s over the air. 
  10. Away from the Covid hearths.
Field of lambs

I guess that is all for now. I have emptied my mind. When I have time again, I will tell you all about my methods, and how we reached our beloved home so rapidly and in a short period. 

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