Taking 1 day at a time

The schoolwork is burning me out, can’t even remember have I said it already or not in previous posts. Every day seems like the day before: wake up, wash teeth, eat, schoolwork and go to sleep. Haven’t had the possibility to take some time off and rest my spirit since the end of summer. Oh … Read more

I miss you guys

Never thought I’d write something like this because I’m an introvert. But now when I’vent met more than a month not a single friend of mine I start to miss to chat with you guys from face to face. While having a drink or two with some nice cosy barbeque. Yeah, I know quarantine doesn’t … Read more

Why working from home isn’t a good idea

First of all the following doesn’t apply to everybody. I’m speaking from my experience what I had been through a couple of years so the different details may have a different kind of effect. Back in the day, in Polytechnic school I did a little bit of freelancing work and afterwards, we as Polytechnic school … Read more

Feeling stupid

I’ve been wondering does everyone else feel it too. Like after every few years I feel how dumb I was in some situations or about some things. The most uncomfortable feeling is somewhat of a regret. That I said or did something stupid. Sometimes I even feel like I would want to turn back in … Read more

Consequences of 44 ECTS

I’m burnt out I think… at least I feel like it. I’m getting so triggered so easily lately. But it’s not surprising when I’ve done school homework and other group assignments last 3-4 weeks from morning to late nights. I’ve still got a few things to do, but their pretty much in the final stage … Read more