I burned both of my hands

Last Monday I burned both of my hands with a glass bowl lid. I was making food for the evening and for the next few days to take that to school also. Because poor student as I am. Just when I was about to finish cooking the accident happened. I took the lid with gloves … Read more

One of the real reasons bees are declining

Bees have been declining by more than 30% throughout the last century. For many years people blamed climate change and so on but it turns out that from Imperial College London’s the Department of Life Sciences Dr. Richard Gill found in a study that pesticides affect the bee’s brain in early stages of life. Which … Read more

Another asteroid that’s supposedly is going to kill us all 52768 (1998 OR2) and is big as Mount Everest as some news outlets say.

First of all chill down. It’s not going to hit us. News outlets that say that it’s “potentially” going to hit us are just trying to provoke panic for more views. I’ve done some calculations and it’s said on NASA’s webpage (https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?des=1998%20OR2) that the MOID (Minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID) is a measure used in astronomy … Read more

🎆 26th year: The Exciting Future & Clearing of Vision (Bumpy start, Adsense’s downfall, GTAV.ee gathering, New 🚗 and job & the ❤️ of my life)

My birthday is coming and so is another year or page if you will. I think the best way is to do a quick recap of what has happened in this year. As I remember, last year’s start was pretty rough on the emotional side. But not going into much detail. First time in my … Read more