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You cannot help people who are not open enough for a change – that I have learned from experience in the past few years. I encountered a few of them when I went through university. And now some occurrences have happened lately in everyday life also. I have offered my help but they refuse with excuses, afraid of failing but what they have forgotten is that even failing is an essential part of learning. I pity them because I am pretty sure after a few years they will regret it and turn with baby steps into more bitterness mentally. Cursing the society, their low salary and blaming everyone else because of their misery where the real reason is actually in themselves – not making an effort for a better life. Some of them probably at some point will ‘wake up’ and start the climb but only a fraction most likely.

I have also heard things like “I am not used to doing those things like that.” Well obviously – you are at this current point of your life, complaining about things that you complain about exactly because of the things you’re “used to”. Nothing changes for the better if you continue to do things the way you have done.

Always be open to a change to give the chance of changing things for the better.

Improve things, learn new ways, hone your skills and success will fulfill you!

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