How to create a website when you don’t know anything

Many of you know that I specialize in creating websites, e-shops and other information systems. Previously I have been focused on back-end development, but I can handle front-end pretty well as far as I think. I know I might not create the ideal structure always, there’s plenty of people who can do it more perfect. I haven’t focused so much to it because I just can’t generate good enough design. Only when I have a greater feeling of inspiration then I sometimes come up with design ideas but it has only happened like 3 or 4 times.

Anyway, I started working at a new place this week where they mostly focus in front-end so I thought I should get up to the speed of some details what I might have been missing throughout my years in this career and I decided to look into it.

A few years back one of my friend who was previously a cook wanted to start making webpages. So I did a little research of what book could cover the basics how the web is working and would teach the basics of making a webpage. Eventually, I found this book HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett. I bought it from Amazon and I gifted it to him. Click on the link of the book, it should take you to Amazon.

Somewhere in this week I contacted the guy I gifted the book and said could I borrow it. He said yeah sure and the next day he delivered it to me. I’ve been reading it through and it explains things from the get-go. How everything is working, servers connected to each other, page appearing to users monitors and how things are built. While explaining also the practical side of making a webpage – the coding part.

If you’re afraid to learn it and that’s completely understandable, then the author even shows how to create the simplest files for webpage by step by step guide with pictures. The author is explaining all of it so well that I feel like even if some guy or girl who have no clue of IT then when only having the interest could learn the skill of making web pages.

I encourage everyone who wants to start building websites to read it through and even some experienced developers also because there were few details and some elements which I did not know or have forgotten throughout the years. I wish someone could have recommended the same book to me when I was first starting to learn everything related to IT. The book could have saved me more than a few hundred hours of learning it by trial and error.

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