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Caupo Helvik OÜ is a freshly established modern generation software development & consultancy company. We aim to enhance efficiency and optimize costs along with high standard & marvellous software solutions. We do not just program the project by the spec, we also help to analyze your needs and offer consultancy for the best possible profitable outcome. While development we keep our design, structuring and code simple, which improves further project sustainability and your business process.

Caupo Helvik

Caupo Helvik, the founder of the company has over 7 years of experience in the field of development and widely known for his dedication and determination even with bigger projects. Throughout the years he has gained experience with Assembly, C, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, (T-)SQL, Javascript, React, jQuery, CSS, SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, HTML, WCAG, Python, MongoDB, GML, Pawn, Java, XNA, Android Native, Unity, Symfony, Yii2, PEAR, MySQL/MariaDB, Google API and Flutter. Besides programming experience, he can also 3D model with Solid-Edge 2020 and utilize Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel & Powerpoint).


We have made countless projects throughout the years, here we present a few of them.

Estonian Literature Centre

Estonian Literature Centre website is a search engine for multiple writers, own events and information in estonian literature. Includes a rich variety gallery for searching your favorite authors work or books.


Jaanituled.ee is a website search engine for estonias national Midsummers Day holiday. Explore different opportunities for visiting oncoming events all over the country.


Laptopid.ee is an E-Commerce system mainly targeted to sell laptops. The system has integration with banks and automatic invoice generating when a customer makes an order. Employees can also make invoices manually. The shop is enriched with different kinds of filters so customers can get the right product and the features do not end there.


Modules.ee's homepage for Thorspan, Rodeac, Ikadan, Agroflor reseller. It has a simple, easily changeable multi-language support with slick & informative design. The webpage helps the reseller to branch out to more customers.

Estonian London Society

London Estonian Society's homepage is for Estonian folk dancers who are located in London. They organize countless events such as concerts, cinema nights and other national celebrations.

GTAV.ee Loading screen

GTAV.ee server loading screen is for FiveM multiplayer server. The game uses Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to render loading screen to the players. The page itself is done in HTML & CSS.


GTAV.ee UCP is the user control panel for the players and also admins. Players can see and manage their properties like vehicles, houses, companies, groups and much more, for example, buy luxury cars to their game accounts. Admins in the other hand can track player logs, allow players into the game world, create and remove groups and even restart the game server.

Caupo Helvik OÜ

Our homepage (caupo.ee) is one of the newest result of our work. The page uses purely HTML, CSS, JS & Font Awesome to assure best possible perfomance.

MASK OFF Game Cover Photo

MASK OFF Game is a top down shooter with a healthy twist. It is made in Unity and was created through collaboration of different people but most of the project was developed by Caupo. The game can be played in webbrowser here: caupo.ee/tlu/MSG.

Partner University Search Engine

Tallinn University's partner university search engine which helps students to find their suitable university through E-Rasmus program. The webpage runs on unique custom made MVC framework which we created to ensure lightning-fast page response and the best possible memory usage! The entire system weights only around 220KB and has even custom built Object-oriented Query Builder.

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As software is made and gets ready for live environments, we also help to get them deployed to end-users.

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